As a woman bonds with a horse, attempts to understand and interpret….
she is nurturing, facing her fears, and moving beyond boundaries.
Essential lessons in any relationship.

Then in this new, quiet communication of touch and thought
intuition and expression….
she finds at last, her Self.

– Kim McElroy –

Do you believe no one truly understands you?  Are you frustrated communicating your ideas and feelings?  Do you desire to have a deeper bond and intimacy in your relationships?  At Hatahlli Connection, the horses and I want to be a beacon of hope to help you become aware of and unlock your potential.  Our experiential sessions in the gestalt methodology and educational tools will lead to a personal transformation, involving healing and self-compassion, helping you create your own authentic life. 

Hatahlii is a native word loosely translated as healing.  The word represents my interest in holistic care as well as the gift my horses want to share with you. As your Equine Gestalt Coach, I will provide a safe nonjudgemental atmosphere and am dedicated to bringing awareness to the untreated injuries of your soul.  My horses and I will support you in unifying your thoughts and feelings to encourage positive actions.  Our ultimate joy is supporting you through your own healing process which will allow you freedom to live your true authentic self.

Hatahlii Connection sits among the high desert prairie of the Little Colorado River in the small town of Winslow in Northern Arizona. The historical significance of the area, vast open spaces, fantastic views, and quietness from your daily activities makes this a perfect spot to slow down and reconnect with yourself.

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Dawnna Ybarra
Equine Gestalt Practitioner

Winslow, Arizona

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