No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it

—Albert Einstein


Educational Tutor:

With my degree in education and over 30 years experience in the field, I strive to help individuals better their skills. I enjoy motivating a student’s curiosity by being creative, having hands-on experiences, and working one-on-one.  My resources, tools, and teaching style make learning fun and the information easy to retain. I work with youth and adults of all ages as well as the developmentally disabled. I feel if I can improve an individual’s educational skills he/she will live a better life socially, personally, professionally, and relationally.

Vocational Specialist:

I enjoy helping individuals explore the endless possibilities of the professional world. I help them find the path which is best suited for them by facilitating career assessments and interest surveys.  I then help develop an individualized plan of employment, give educational guidance as needed and network volunteer opportunities with agencies and schools. This helps the individual glean the best possible opportunities for him/her to demonstrate their gifts as well as be productive and influential in the adult world.

Horsemanship Skills:

I grew up around and with horses. It wasn’t until a wild mustang, Little Man, came into my life 17 years ago in which I realized I didn’t know anything about horses. It took Little Man and I five hard-working years to overcome our obstacles and learn a more truer authentic way to communicate. I have since applied the concepts gained through our relationship to help other horses and owners work more harmoniously together as well as deepen their connection. Horses want to be our partners and the only way we can achieve that is to become vulnerable enough to listen to what they have to say.

Gestalt Coaching:

My herd and I will help you unlock your potential by working together to heal the untreated injuries of your soul.  You will become aware of your own truth so you can live freely and confidently.

*individual sessions with or without horses

*couples, youth, and the developmentally disabled

*group sessions

*phone/skype/facetime sessions



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Dawnna Ybarra
Equine Gestalt Practitioner

Winslow, AZ

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