Fluid, knowledgable, attuned to her clients.  Dawnna works methodically to help her clients discover the answer within themself.    *Carly, Montana

Dawnna’s professional compassion allows her clients to move through their process in the utmost safe and supported space.   *Joanie, Colorado

I had the pleasure of working with Dawnna and loved her calm compassionate guidance. She was an excellent listener and helped me to find closure on a situation that had prevented me from finally engaging into a new endeavor.  After my session with Dawnna, I felt immediate closure and ready to finally immerse myself into my present opportunity.  Thank you Dawnna for your compassionate coaching.   *Lyn, Texas

Amazing to watch Dawnna work with her client.  Keeping her safe, kind soft yet confident strong voice, and keeping everyone engaged.  Beautiful! *Evelyn, Washington

A natural!  Dawnna embraces you from the moment you enter her presence. The feeling of safety and love is overwhelming.  Dawnna exudes calm, quiet, confidence in her coaching.  She is gentle yet commanding, a leader who knows her client’s needs from the first instant.  Clients are safe in her hands and will leave her presence with a new awareness.  *Debra, Montana

I have watched Dawnna work several times and she is an amazing coach.  She gets right to the heart of the problem and heals it.  She will be extremely successful.  *Margaret, South Carolina

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Dawnna Ybarra
Equine Gestalt Practitioner

Winslow, Arizona

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