Most of the animals at Hatahlii Connection have seen or experienced hardship at the hands of others. It is an honor for me to provide a safe place where love and patience abound to allow freedom for them to be themselves. My animals are cared for using holistic methods to ensure a long healthy life. My place is their forever home!

Scooter is a 23 year old appendix who was so compassionate on the racetrack he was not able to make a career of the sport. Instead, my older daughter jumped him in competitions as well as used him in 4-H and The Pony Club. Scooter’s disposition is very laid back which makes him a perfect horse to spend time with. He will let you give him the full spa treatment with no fuss and is a good listener to hear whatever is on your mind.

Little Man is a 20 year old wild mustang who came off the Navajo Reservation. He was orphaned by the time he was 10 days old which led to a strong, independent, loyal, and curious nature. He loves to go on various adventurous and is tough through all kinds of weather. He has a mothering instinct for the young and is very protective of me and his fellow herdmates. He is the horse which memories are made of.

Clay is a 19 year old quarter horse who was born a few hours south from here. He loves the wide open spaces of the high desert prairie and tolerates trail rides. He would much rather be in a show ring doing halter, barrels, or dressage. He loves to ride in the horse trailer and makes a wonderful traveling companion. He is very sensitive to the feelings of others which enables him to be open and honest to meeting their needs. He has a big heart that wants to love everyone he meets.

Alena (on the left) and Muzzy (on the right) are miniature horses and our only mares. They are mother and daughter with two distinct personalities. Alena is very confident and curious but yet humble about being a diva while Muzzy is more down to earth and knows what she wants. Alena dreams of being a hunter/jumper while Muzzy’s dream is that of a cow horse. They both enjoy people and will take in as much interaction as possible.

Finn (on the left) is the newest of the many rescues we have had over the years. His personality is not that of the ideal husky. He is very smart, obedient, and responsible. He loves to help me in the kitchen and is an excellent companion to go exercising with. His size doesn’t deter him from being a lap dog and he enjoys giving hugs and kisses to anyone who will take them. He loves to be with me and do anything I do. When Finn is around, one is sure to have a ball of fun. Emma (on the right) was a Christmas gift to me from a dear friend. She will eventually join Finn in helping me support the many individuals that will utilize the services of Hatalii Connection.

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Dawnna Ybarra
Equine Gestalt Practitioner

Winslow, Arizona

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